Detailed Financial Planning

An organized and detailed financial plan is central to your success. To set the direction for your plan, we start by asking you lifestyle questions so that we can articulate, understand and prioritize your short-term and long-term goals. We then take an in-depth review of your current assets and liabilities. By gaining a clear understanding of not only your existing portfolio but also your goals and values, we develop a customized financial plan to support your personal vision. 

Tailored Asset Allocation

Based on your risk tolerance and time horizon, we establish an appropriate asset allocation that aligns your portfolio with your goals. Your asset allocation serves as the foundation for your investment strategy by creating a disciplined framework for making informed decisions and balancing risk versus reward.

Goal-Oriented Portfolio Management 

We start by building a core portfolio primarily focused on low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs), and complement it with individual securities, mutual funds and other prudent investments that will best help you achieve your goals. We determine the most appropriate investments based on your personal financial plan, your asset allocation as well as our disciplined due diligence process. To help ensure the integrity of each investment, we evaluate and monitor the managers, and research industry resources on a daily basis. Our goal is to use cost-friendly investments so as to minimize the impact on portfolio returns.

Disciplined Monitoring, Rebalancing & Reporting

We monitor your overall portfolio performance and assess its risk against your asset allocation on an ongoing basis. As appropriate, we rebalance your assets to maintain a diversified portfolio that reflects your evolving goals and time horizon. You also have real-time online access to all your investments.

Ongoing Tax Assessment

Evaluating and minimizing the impact of taxes on a portfolio are key components of preserving and growing capital. We pay close attention to the implications of taxes on investments and execute strategies to help minimize your tax liability.

All-Inclusive Insurance Review

To help reduce risk, we review all your insurance needs—life, health, long term care, disability and other risks—to make sure you are covered appropriately. When integrated and maintained as part of a comprehensive financial plan, insurance can play an important role in keeping you and your assets protected.

Methodical Process

Discovery Meeting   >

  • Getting to know you: your objectives, needs and aspirations
  • Reviewing your current portfolio
  • Understanding your risk tolerance and time horizon

Portfolio Construction   > 

  • Developing your asset allocation
  • Building your financial plan
  • Choosing your investment strategies
  • Making the investments

Portfolio Management   > 

  • Monitoring performance
  • Assessing risk 
  • Executing ongoing manager due diligence
  • Rebalancing your portfolio

Communication & Service

  • Keeping you informed with monthly, quarterly and annual performance reports
  • Providing semi-annual, comprehensive portfolio reviews
  • Addressing any questions and concerns